Your A-Game: How do you Bring it??

30 Jan

Your “A-Game” – you know when you are on it, but how do you bring it on lackluster days?  Is it even possible to turn around a bad day?  Let me know what you think!


Today I had a classic case of “The Mondays.”  It was just one of those days that felt like I was in a daze.  I wasn’t able to express my thoughts well so I just tried to avoid most types of conversation.  I felt like my work was confusing, even though I know I have complete control over everything I needed to finish today.  At the end of the day my brain felt exhausted and I felt like I accomplished nothing.  Worst.  Feeling.  Ever.

How do you bring your A-Game even if you didn’t start out the day with it?

How do you pull yourself out of a funk?  I randomly asked a few people this question and these were the responses I got:
–  hit the gym
– find caffeine
– make a To Do list and get organized

How do you do it?  Comment, message me, anything!  Maybe something that works for your will work for me, too!


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