Thank you for following my blog!

I am a young professional who has recently entered the working world.  Transition has never been easy for me so I am trying something new this time:  I am challenging myself to become more self aware during a period of transition.

Each month this year I will spend time developing a skill that is important for my success in the working world.  While I am aiming to improve in areas that are mostly work related, but I think the results will transfer into my personal life as well.  Please join me on this journey towards self-awareness, you may even learn something new about yourself!

The following are the topics I will focus on this year:

  • January:  Finding value in my work every day
  • February:  Planning
  • March: Managing Stress
  • April: Communication
  • May: TBD
  • June: TBD
  • July: Giving and receiving feedback (opportunity)
  • August: TBD
  • September: TBD
  • October: TBD
  • November: TBD
  • December: TBD

Look for themed posts every Wednesday at 8:00pm!  I will also post randomly throughout the week.


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